The Award: A Novel

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Getting historical events, terrifying moments of danger, disaster, the cost of war, and the invincible nature of a girl of honour, The Award is a monumental narrative from one of our most gifted storytellers—Danielle Steel’s finest, most emotionally resonant novel yet.
Gaëlle de Barbet is sixteen years old in 1940 when the German army invades frightening changes and France start to occur. She’s shocked and helpless when French gendarmes take away Rebekah Feldmann, her closest friend, and her family for deportation to an unknown, menacing destiny.
The local German military commandant makes Gaëlle’s family estate outside Lyon into his headquarters. Her dad and brother are killed by the Germans; her mother fades away into insanity. Employees and trusted friends become traitors. And Gaëlle begins a perilous journey with the French Resistance, hoping to save lives to compensate for the treasured buddy she could do nothing to help.
Taking terrifying dangers, Gaëlle becomes a valuable member of the Resistance delivering Jewish kids to safety under the eyes of the Gestapo and their French collaborators. Then she is suddenly approached by the German commandant with an astonishing, dangerous strategy to save part of France’s artistic heritage. Ran in secret carried out, her assignments will mark her for years, when she’s falsely accused of collaboration at the ending of the war. Orphaned and alone, she begins a brand new life in Paris, with the ghosts of the past always close at hand.
Gaëlle’s life will take her to New York from Paris, from a career as a Dior model to motherhood and marriage, intolerable loss, and mature, surviving love. Now this remarkable woman will be finally absolved by a grateful country and honor her as the war hero she was.


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